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Stanford Redwood City Progress

Cardinal Hall
Dec 12 2017

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DECEMBER 12, 2017

Redwood City campus moves ahead

The buildings are taking shape at Stanford's new campus, while a variety of other planning activities are progressing in anticipation of the campus opening in 2019.

By Brad Hayward

It’s beginning to look a lot like a campus at Stanford Redwood City.

This recent photo shows construction at Stanford Redwood City, with Cardinal Hall in the foreground. (Image credit: Kathleen Kavanaugh)

Multistory steel structures of several buildings at Stanford’s new campus are now visible from Highway 101 and nearby city streets. One of the buildings already looks distinctively “Stanford,” with an exterior shell of limestone, terra cotta and glass now in place.

Meanwhile, interior design is moving forward, plans are taking shape for workshops in 2018 to help managers and employees navigate the transition to the new campus, and a variety of Stanford programs for the Redwood City community are being offered.

About 2,700 Stanford employees are expected to work at Stanford Redwood City after it opens in 2019. The new campus will bring together employees in units that provide critical support to the university’s mission but are currently scattered in a variety of locations both on and off the Stanford campus, while also allowing the university to keep academic programs concentrated at Stanford as they evolve and grow. Full story