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Working with us

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How do we work with you? We'll adapt to your needs. Here are some suggestions.




End-to-End Media Creation

Work with SRWC Studio to plan, budget, shoot, and post-produce a complete video. SRWC Studio will work with you through all phases, providing project planning, crew, equipment, production, and post-production services for your needs.

Multicamera Production

The SRWC video studio has three cameras controlled by the production engineer during a studio shoot. These can be recorded separately (for editing after the shoot), or switched live (with edited video available the day of the shoot), or both (use the live-switched file as a primary source, and tighten up for distribution using all four separate sources).

Studio Access

You provide talent and props, we provide studio production of your video. If you have taken training on the facilities, you can switch your own production.

Studio Shoot: Greenscreen

You want to have a professional studio recording of a presentation with one to three people talking in front of one or more images of the University, and with cutaways as needed to other graphics or video clips.  We will work with you in pre-production to plan the video and ready all props and graphics, then shoot the video with all talent, and finally post-produce the video as needed.

Narration Recording and Editing

You provide script and talent, we provide soundproof studio, equipment and engineering support for recording, editing, and processing audio.

Equipment Rental

After taking hands-on equipment training, you rent the field recording equipment you need to use for one or more days. You pick up and return equipment to 340 University Hall.

Video Editing

You have raw video and audio. Use our editing/audio room to edit your footage, using iMac Pro with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Video Editing-RWC Studio Edits

You have raw video and audio. RWD Studio will edit to your specs, and with your supervision if you like.

Access to stock visuals and/or music

SRWC Production can work with you to locate and obtain stock stills, graphics, and/or music for your videos.

Reserve the studio

To reserve the studio, contact:

Robert Edgar at, or message at (650) 387-5914.

Please email or message ahead of an immediate need.