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University IT Announces Reorganization

Oct 1 2018

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Steve Gallagher, Stanford's CIO, recently introduced to you a new direction for University IT (UIT), which includes a new organizational structure. The goal is to further unite UIT by introducing new strategic values and organizing according to a set of key principles.

To help the community understand these changes, the rationale behind them, and the vision for UIT's new direction, UIT has developed a series of webpages and related videos on its website. You can access these pages here:

Highlights of what you’ll find on these pages include:

  • A revised UIT vision and five strategic values that support that vision. 
  • Five organizing principles that guided the creation of our new organizational structure and will influence future decisions.
  • A new organizational structure effective Oct. 1.
  • The introduction of new leadership and management teams.

Check out UIT's website for more details: